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Kate La

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drowning my sorrows in potato salad

i think i am going to ask Jersey to prom. Sunshine doesnt like me.. he likes a girl from Lakes. And Jersey's cool. He'd go with me as a friend, i think. I mean.. its like my mom so tactfully said: "only losers go without dates, at least thats how it was when i was a kid.. you might as well not go." I am not a loser... I'm just kate. Little sister kate. . Kate that is loved without being LIKED. I am kate. No loser... just.... just Kate.

oy. This is pathetic: normally i am really good about not letting this kinda crap get to me, but I am one of those girls that has (sadly) dreamed about prom and her wedding all her life... and this was not on the agenda when i was 7. Its not like i can bring Tony (who STILL hasnt called).

Is this REALLY as good as it gets?

Love you much, thanks for listening to me.

Kate La
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